I often get asked if massage really has any medical benefits, and is valuable beyond just “feeling good”.  There are plenty of laboratory studies out there concluding that massage and other alternative wellness therapies have actual measurable, physical benefits. If you are a bodyworker, you are no doubt familiar with the ground-breaking work of Dr. Tiffany Field, PhD of the Touch Research Institute.  But the general public isn’t aware of the research being done, and if they are, doesn’t know where to find this information. As a practitioner, it’s hard to point the client to a great resource for research studies. Finally, there’s a website that is starting to compile and broadcast the published research on many healing modalities. Members of the Global Spa Summit have launched Spa Evidence, a compendium of research for spa and wellness therapies.  The site includes a multitude of therapies beyond the most commonly used techniques of massage, acupuncture, and yoga. It is organized into Spotlight, Research and Studies-in-Progress so the user can get as little or as much information as they desire. The Research tab will take you to some of the notable databases, such as PubMed. It should be noted that Spa Evidence isn’t a complete resource yet – I would like to see some additional massage therapy research links added, such those resources available through the Massage Therapy Research Database created by the Massage Therapy Foundation.  Spa Evidence is a great tool for the layperson as well as the practitioner.  I hope they continue to build on the growing body of medical evidence for wellness therapies.