It dawned on me today how powerful essential oils can be if used for their emotional and mental properties, in addition to their physical ones.  I use 100% pure essential oils distilled or extracted from plants, flowers and roots.  When mixed into the massage oil, or applied directly to skin the oils are administered transdermally, that is, they enter the body and are distributed systemically. The aroma of the oils can have a profound effect on memory and emotions.
Many of my clients request lavendar due to it’s pleasing scent and relaxing properties. Here’s a list of common essential oils that I use during my massage treatments and some suggestions for home use.

Bergamot – depression, nervousness, indigestion, uplifting, skin irritation. Mix a drop or 2 into your face lotion, or add to a bath.
Chamomile – calming, sleep, skin irritation, anger, menstraul/menopause.  Use in child’s bath at bedtime.
Lavendar – headaches, stress, grounding.  Rub onto your temples and neck for a tension headache.
Eucalyptus – sinus congestion, immune boosting, bronchitis, flu, muscle pain. A perfect oil to have going into the cold season. I sometimes use it on the headrest to keep nasal passages open while the client is face down. At home, drop into the shower and let the steam vaporize.
Geranium – menstrual discomfort, menopause, mood swings. Mix into your lotion for a soothing abdominal massage.
Lemon – hypertension, uplifting, refreshing, clearing. Use at home as a natural deodorizing agent in the kitchen.
Marjoram – anxiety, balancing, comforting.  A great oil to put on the soles of the feet.
Orange – happiness, optimism, relaxing. Use in room diffuser or bottle of distilled water to scent your home.
Peppermint – concentration, energizing, digestive issues, muscle pain. Massage into abdomen for tummy aches, use to combat jet-lag.
Rose – grief, menstrual, depression, skin irritation. Make a facial mist by adding to distilled water.
Ylang-Ylang – depression, frigidity, hypertension. Create a spray for your bed linens. One of my favorite aromas.

I also carry several blends such as Narayan oil (clove, peppermint, & eucalyptus in sesame oil), and Olba’s oil (wintergreen, juniper, clove, peppermint, eucalyptus, & cajeput) that are really effective on sore/achy muscles.

My massage treatments include the use of essential oils. Since the oils are highly concentrated, they should be used with care. I always ask before using the oils in case of sensitivites or aversion to certain aromas. Let me know if I can custom blend something for your next session. Some of the pure oils are available for purchase at the Center, as well as room sprays and candles. If you are looking for something special, I can order it for you.

Take Care,