Are you new to alternative healing therapies?  Here’s what to expect from your first session:

Massage Therapy

You will be greeted and asked to fill out an Intake Form, which includes a short medical history. Your therapist will bring you back to the private treatment room to discuss any injuries, illnesses, or surgery that you have experienced, and how that might impact the session. You will discuss areas of concern that might need special attention. Feel free to ask any questions about the treatment, or specify any requests. The therapist will leave the room, while you undress to your comfort level.* Some clients leave on their undergarments, some do not. It is completely up to YOU to disrobe (or not) to your comfort level. You will then get under the top sheet and blanket on the massage table. The therapist will come back and knock on the door, asking if you are ready for her entrance. Once inside, the therapist will inquire about your comfort (temperature of the room/table, face cradle position) and then start the massage treatment. The therapist will use oil or cream to knead the muscles during the session. If you have a request for either, please ask. Your therapist will be quiet during the session (besides asking about the pressure periodically), allowing you to relax and sink into the table. If at any time during the session something is uncomfortable, or you have a request, please ask. You are in control of the session, it should be pleasurable and not painful. Sometimes muscles are a little sore while being treated, this is normal. But the massage should not cause major pain. Once the hour is finished, the therapist will signify the end and leave you to dress in private.

*Some therapies are done completely clothed on top of the massage table.